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Our Roman Heritage

Pentreheyling Roman Fort

The land on which Kerry Vale Vineyard sits is of great archaeological interest.  It was once part of the ancient Roman site of Pentreheyling Fort, a vicus (a provincial civilian settlement) and is on the edge of a number of Roman marching camps.

As well as our Roman history, two decades of archaeological research show the site was once occupied by Bronze Age funerary monuments, a druid road, and a medieval settlement! With Offa’s Dyke just a field away.

The Roman fort, settlement, and marching camps were first discovered by aerial photography in 1969 and 1973. Subsequent excavations have uncovered a quantity of Roman pottery – including a large amphora handle, glass, and metalwork, including coins, and metalworking residue comprising iron smithing debris and litharge cakes (a by-product of extracting silver from argentiferous lead only known at a very few Roman sites in Britain).
[Bayley and Eckstein, 1998].

Roman Artefacts
Roman Artefacts
Roman Artefacts
Roman pottery found when we dug the foundations for the Vineyard shop
Lion's Head
Samian ware with hare motif


You can see some of the Roman pottery we have found when digging in the vineyard displayed in our vineyard shop.

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