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Start As You Mean To Go On: Perfect Soup And Wine Pairings

Thu 7 Jun 2018

We LOVE soup at Kerry Vale Vineyard! It's one of our most popular lunchtime orders, but did you know the humble soup is having a moment in the spotlight.  Inspired perhaps by the new souping diet trend, soup has found its place on Pinterest’s Top 10 Food Trends for 2018.  Already a firm favourite with diners for its comforting warmth and ‘soul in a bowl’, it is now being rightly celebrated for its nutritious content too.  As you can expect to see more soups on menus, it’s a good time to think about wines to go with them. You already know how to pair wine with pizza; now it’s time to sort out your starter options.

Classic comfort soups
Soup recently topped a poll of the UK's favourite comfort foods; just picturing the classic image of a steaming bowl of tomato soup with basil on top can make us feel happier already.  Due to the acidity of the tomatoes, try a red wine with not too much tannin, such as a Grenache or Red Denarii. Of course, it wouldn’t be comfort food without mentioning chicken soup; try the classic bone broth for all the health benefits as well as great taste.  Wines which are high in acid tend to work well with the saltier broths, so try a medium bodied white such as Summer Days or a Pinot Blanc.

Velvety smooth and creamy
Creamy vegetable soups or chowders are often a popular starter choice as they leave the palate ready for a fuller flavoured main course.  You can also feel happy knowing that they’re packed with vitamins and minerals which are great for you (providing you don’t go too heavy with the salt).  A dry nutty Italian wine such as  Pinot Grigio or a lightly oaked Chardonnay would complement with these creamier flavours.  If, however, you prefer something darker and earthier like a rich mushroom soup, try a Pinot Noir.

Spice things up
Recent Euromonitor International data suggests that Britain is embracing bold chilli flavours now more than ever.  Maybe you also prefer a soup which packs a punch, for example spicy butternut squash? A Gewürtzraminer works well, as it does with curries and other spicy favourites.  If a gentler but still flavour-packed Thai soup is your starter of choice, a Riesling would suit the more subtle warmth. You could even add a little fizz with a Kerry Vale Sparkling Rosé.

Happily there are as many delicious wines as there are tasty soups to try.  As with anything when it comes to matching wines, be adventurous. You may well find that wines which aren’t your favourite on their own actually bring out the very best in your soup.  With the additional health benefits and nourishing comfort offered by soup, this is a trend which tastes as great as you’ll feel. What a great way to start your meal.

All the soups we sell in our wine cafe are homemade and make use of seasonal vegetables and herbs from our garden. Please ask for our soup/wine recomendations if you are dining with us. 

Contributed Article by Jane Sandwood

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